Welcome to Publish Your Purpose Podcast: An Author’s Journey

This podcast features the unique relationship between an author and their publisher. This podcast follows author, Mark David Gibson, through the publishing process of his memoir “Served in Silence.” Alongside him you’ll hear from Purpose Driven Publishing Founder and CEO, Jenn T. Grace, as she navigates Mark through this journey. This authentic, empathetic, and at times comedic duo will take you on the journey from having an idea in your head to holding a book in your hands. 










With Thanks

In addition to my friends, family, & neighbors (in Atlanta, Lake Oconee and Savannah), I want to thank everyone that helped with “Served in Silence," specifically:

  • Gail Moore, always believing in me and this project from the very beginning.
  • Sam McClure, for your kindness, friendship and leadership, introduced me to our Publisher and taught me how to be a professional Gay Man.
  • Jenn T. Grace, Publisher - Extraordinaire - Publish Your Purpose Press & my Co-Host of the Publish Your Purpose Podcast - An Author’s Journey.
  • PYP's Shamazing Team (BAC's):  Niki, Lisa C., Heather, Fern, Lisa K.— I appreciate you all.  Never underestimate that who you are makes a difference!
  • Fern Pessin, Manuscript Strategist, and so much more….we would not be here today without your “Spark” of expertise, guidance and leadership that “Ignited” the “Flame”.  
  • Mr. Wonderful, you encompass all things “Partner” and for that I thank you and I love you.  I 4 U - Me
  • We also want to send a shout out and thanks to: Everyone @ 99Designs, JimDo, and Danang @ Twenty-Nine Graphics - We didn’t sleep much but we got it done, you all are amazing.  

I dedicate this book to my brothers and sisters in arms, & those who have fallen, may we never forget. 

Believe and Live Authentically